Volunteer Opportunities at the Y

Volunteers are the key to the success of the Maui Family YMCA.  Our staff depends on the talents and the extra hands that make everything we do a little extra special.

The Maui Family YMCA is thankful to have the support and dedication of volunteers who support our work, our values and our mission to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

Below are some events and programs that the Y is looking for help from our enthusiastic and generous volunteers!

Not Able to Volunteer?

YMCA Afterschool (A Plus) Program

Every Elementary (K-5) school on the island has an A+ Afterschool Program on campus. It is a State run program designed for ‘latchkey’ kids (those who parents/guardians are working in the afterschool hours), though with the emergency, that requirement is being lifted, and the program is open to all families in need.
While volunteering is very helpful to the A+ program (donating time a few days a week or a couple hours each day to things like helping with homework, arts and crafts, playing music, games, etc), what is needed even more is paid staff who can be fully qualified by the State to be daily workers, and be included in the ratio of students-to-staff. Even if you can only commit to a few days a week, getting you qualified and background checked to be consistent helpers will be incredibly valuable.
A+ operates at every elementary school. Please see below and write the name of the school you’d most likely be able to help with, and we will match you with the organization running that program who can use your help.

Gardening with Grow Some Good

Grow Some Good is a non-profit operating out of the YMCA, and works with many various schools around the island. They offer programming and services to the community, and are looking for help for classes with both kids and adults.  Whether it be in the schools, after school, or in one of their community groups, there is a need for dedicated volunteers to help pass along their knowledge and love of tending to the plants, and the very therapeutic and calming influence that gardening can bring.
If you are interested in helping this great program continue to educate kids, either here or in Lahaina, click the button below!

Kids Club at the Y

First, we have opened the Y to all day drop-in care for kids 6 months-5 years, and will need volunteers and staff to be on site to fill several shifts between the hours of 7am-7pm. Due to DHS guidelines, we cannot allow kids to be left here without their parent/guardian on site, but we are open for families who need a pace to stay – for the parents to handle important business using our wifi, workout, work in the garden, or just need a break for a couple hours without worrying about their keiki.
Second, with the as-yet unknown number of new kids who will be attending elementary school on this side, there may be a need for over-flow afterschool programming at the Y itself. We are hoping that the A+ programs will be able to absorb all such overflow, but may nee additional help at the Y, if that is more appealing to you.
Third, we have a Teen Program called Games for Life, which is a curriculum-based D&D tabletop game series, and would like like help starting pop-up games wherever there is interest, and need GMs who can learn the program and bring it to the kids in their area.

Help with the Shelter at the Y

We are working with Suite Vans Maui and other van rental companies to provide temporary housing in the Y lot while people wait for long-term housing solutions to come through. It is not a youth-based volunteer opportunity, but we are in need of help keeping the Y open 24 hours a day to provide facility use for the guests. Specifically, we need help in the nighttime hours, just to have shifts of a couple people on site to be available for the guests if there is need.


For more information on Volunteering, please contact our Chief Development Officer, Amy Johnson, at 808-866-5219 or [email protected].