Maui YMCA A Plus Program

At the Y, After School Programs are more than just kid-watching. It’s about engaging your children during those critical hours keeping them safe and thriving.

Through a partnership with the Department of Education, the Maui Family YMCA provides after school care for Maui’s children in grades K-5 through A Plus programs at public schools across the island.

The Maui Family YMCA is proud to partner with several Elementary Schools around the island in providing their After-School (A Plus) Programs. The Y currently provides this service at Haiku, Lihikai, Pomaikai, and Puukukui Elementary Schools.

At this time, we are able to provide our services at these approved sites:

***2024/2025 School Year Registration Coming Soon***

2023/2024 School Year A Plus Registration


In-Person Registration Process

  • In-person registrations are only able to be completed after the school year has started at the program location (usually in the cafeteria) during afterschool hours (3:00 PM to 5:30 PM)
  • Since the first week of school is the busiest time of the year, we will not be able to take any new registrations during that time and will resume accepting new registrations the 2nd week of school
  • Applications can only be submitted to the Site Coordinator for the school you wish to apply for. They cannot be turned into the school office nor the YMCA Main Office.


Online Registration Process

  • Click the button below labeled “Apply Online Here” to complete the A Plus Registration Packet completely online
  • You application will be sent directly to our Youth Director who will work with the Site Coordinator of the school you are applying for
  • If any additional information is needed, our Youth Director or the Site Coordinator will reach out to you directly to collect any required information
  • Confirmation of enrollment in our program will be sent to you via email by either the Youth Director or Site Coordinator
  • Feel free to reach out to our Youth Director, Ricky, at [email protected] for updates on your child’s registration.
  • The registration packet comes with one Emergency Contact Form included but a form is need for each child you wish to register. Should you have multiple children you are registering for the program, you can complete additional forms online via the button below. 


2023-2024 School Year Rate: $120 per month

  • If you are not going to apply for subsidy and are planning to pay the full monthly fees associated with the program, please have payment ready in the form of check or debit/credit card on the registration day (CASH WILL NOT ACCEPTED)
  • To make the payment process as hassle-free as possible for both our staff and parents, we highly encourage signing up for our Auto-Payment service
    • Payments are automatically run through the card on file every 1st of each school month. No payment will be run in January since payment for December covers both months.
    • Any payments that are returned are required to be paid by parent’s before the 5th school day of the month along with any applicable fees or children will be dropped from our A Plus Program


  • Whether you intend to pay the Full rate or apply for Subsidy, if you are currently claiming Self-Employment status, the DOE requires verification of said status by providing the two documents listed below:
    • Copy of General Excise Tax License with ONE of these options:
      • Copy of Tax Return for the past year (2021) including Schedule C
      • Copy of Business Checking Account


  • Proof of income is needed if you are applying for the DOE’s financial assistance coverage or Subsidy. Below are the only accepted proofs of income but only ONE is needed:
    • Paystubs (Paychecks)
      • Monthly & Bi Monthly: Copies of 2 most recent paystubs
      • Bi-Weekly: Copies of 4 most recent paystubs
    • Copy of last year’s Tax Return (2021) with copy of W-2

Post-Registration Process

  • Due to the staffing shortages, some of our sites might implement a maximum capacity and start a wait list if it is reached. Please check with the Site Coordinator about the current capacity of their program.
  • If there is a waitlist, all completely verified registration packets will be dated and time-stamped to determine placement on their wait list.
  • Once either more staff have been found or another child drops out of the program, the Site Coordinator will reach out to you if your child is next off the waitlist.
  • Confirmation of enrollment in our program will be sent to you via email by either the Youth Director or Site Coordinator
  • Feel free to reach out to our Youth Director, Ricky, at [email protected] for updates on your child’s registration.


Contact our Youth Director, Ricky, at 808-866-5218 or via email at [email protected] for more information.