Membership Change Request

Active Maui YMCA Members may utilize this online form to request any changes to their membership including contact information (physical address, phone number, email address, etc.), adding/dropping active members on their membership, upgrading/downgrading their Membership Type (i.e. Adult to Family, etc.), or even changing the payment method we have on file for the monthly auto-payment for membership dues.

Adding/Removing Active Members

*Please do not use this request to cancel your membership. This is only to adjust who is active on the membership. You can submit those requests on our Membership Suspension page.

Changing Auto-Pay Method

*If you wish to change to a checking or savings account, please see the Welcome Center to submit your request in person. Don’t forget to bring a voided check with you to submit with your request.

Need Assistance?

If you are running into any issues or have any questions, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Adam, at [email protected] or call our Welcome Center at 808-242-9007.