Maui YMCA Kids Club

The Maui Family YMCA’s Kids Club program is for children 2 years to 12 years of age that provides an interactive place for your children to play and learn under caring supervision so you can enjoy your visit to the Y and workout with peace of mind. We will watch the kids while you focus on you!

Reservation Policy

Due to COVID-19 we are limiting the amount of children being cared for in Kids Club at one time. All families who would like to utilize Kids Club will need to make a reservation for each child beforehand. Reservations must be done online or in-person only, NO phone reservations are allowed at this time. In order to complete a reservation, payment for the visit must be completed as well. Reservations must be cancelled if you no longer plan to attend. Otherwise, the $5 daily fee will be kept as a no show fee. Reservations can be made online via the button to the right.

Hours of Operation

Mondays – Fridays

8 AM – 12 PM

Time Block A: 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Time Block B: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Half-hour transition times between time blocks allow grace period for picking up child and time for staff to fully clean room before next group


2 years to 12 years of age (Child must be potty-trained)


  • Daily Visit: $5 per child per visit
  • Free for Family & Single Parent Family Memberships at the Maui YMCA


  • Each time slot has a 1 and a half hour maximum time limit
  • Max capacity currently set to 8 children total per time slot
    • Only one reservation per day for each child please

Or visit our Welcome Center to reserve a spot in-person!

Drop-Off Prep Checklist

Before you drop off…

  • My child is fully clothed
  • My child has used the bathroom
  • My child is well fed

Check-in/Check-out Procedures

  • Check-in with Kids Club Attendant before settling your child in room
  • If reservation is valid and paid for, you may then proceed in getting your child settled
    • Any payment’s due must be settled with Welcome Center before you are able to complete check-in
  • Sign out a call watch and keep on person throughout entire workout
    • This will be the main way to notify you should the attendant need assistance with your child
  • The same Adult who dropped child off must be the one to check them out
  • Don’t forget to return the call watch and sign out for it!

Food & Drink Policy

Due to the ongoing pandemic, food and drinks are not currently allowed in Kids Club at this time. A properly sealed water bottle is allowed. Please make sure children are properly fed before dropping them off.

Bathroom Policy

As a reminder, all children dropped off into our Kids Club must be fully potty-trained. Due to staffing shortages, it is hard for us to be taking children to the bathroom regularly. Please make sure you take your child to the restroom before dropping them off.

Staying On The Premises

Our Kids Club is not a licensed child care facility; therefore, a parent/guardian MUST remain inside the YMCA facility during the child’s stay. Failure to comply will result in revocation of Kids Club services.

Keeping Your Child Safe

For the safety off all children and staff involved in Kids Club, we have set up half hour transition blocks to allow you a grace period to pick up your child and staff time to properly clean the whole room before the next group comes in. We ask that you and your family please practice CDC Guidelines towards preventing transmission of diseases by regularly washing your hands and staying home if you or anyone in your family are experiencing any symptoms.

Discipline & Behavior Issues

Our goal is to develop self-discipline and respect for others. When necessary, the following age appropriate discipline will be used: We will use logical consequences and redirect children displaying inappropriate behavior. In some cases, supervised removal (time out) may be used. If a child is having excessive problems (i.e. biting, hitting, etc.) the parent/guardian will be located and the child will be removed from Kids Club. If behavioral issues continue, a child will be asked not to return for a period of time determined by the Kids Club Coordinator.

Sick Policy

Children, and/or siblings, who are sick or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness symptoms, should NOT be in Kids Club. If your child has any of the following COVID-19 primary symptoms, please do not bring them, or any enrolled siblings, to the program. These symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste/smell

If the participant is already in Kids Club and they begin to show the symptoms noted above, we will ask the parent/guardian to come back to Kids Club for immediate pick up to take them home. The child, and any siblings of the child, must leave the Y and either quarantine for the CDC-recommended 5 days or show proof of a COVID-19 negative test.

Toy/Electronic Device Policy

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we ask that no personal toys or electronic devices be dropped off with your child. Our Kids Club will have lots of activities scheduled to keep every child busy.


Have any questions about how Kids Club is run? Feel free to contact our Kids Club Coordinator, Ashley, at [email protected]. Running into issues with reservations or payments? Feel free to contact our Membership Coordinator, Adam, at [email protected].