Channel Swim Challenge 2023


January 16, 2023 - March 7, 2023

Join us in a challenge of channel swimming without being in the open water! There are 9 main channels in the Hawaiian Islands that equal to a total of 195 miles. Keep track of your swimming mileage in a pool or the ocean and work your way through each channel! Can you complete all nine channels?

Advanced Swimmers: one mile in the pool/ocean = 5 miles on the map
Beginner Swimmers: one mile in the pool/ocean = 10 miles on the map

Channels/ Mileage:

  1. Kaulakahi (Kaua’i to Niihau) 17 mi

  2. Ka’ie’ie Waho (O’ahu to Kaua’i) 71 mi 

  3. Kaiwi (Moloka’i to O’ahu) 26 mi

  4. Kalohi (Lana’i to Moloka’i) 9.5 mi

  5. Pailolo (Moloka’i to Maui) 8.5 mi

  6. ‘Au’au (Lana’i to Maui) 9 mi

  7. Kealaikahiki (Lana’i to Koho’olawae) 17 mi

  8. ‘Alalākeiki (Koho’olawe to Maui)  7 mi

  9. ‘Alenuihāhā (Hawai’i to Maui) 30 mi

Total Mileage: 195 miles

YMCA Pool: 35 Laps (down & back) = 1 Mile


Our challenge will be run through ChallengeRunner again this year, offering the experience for you to record your mileage completely through their website or even on their mobile app! In order for you to get access, you just need a ChallengeRunner account which you can make for free while registering for the challenge.

Keep Track of Your Progress

After the challenge begins, you may then manually enter every mile you complete for each day either on the ChallengeRunner website or their mobile app (don’t forget your login!). Don’t forget to record your mileage under the correct level, Advanced or Beginner.

  • Missed recording a day? No worries! You’re able to backtrack and enter in your miles for a day that’s already passed
  • Check out our Group Page to see your progress live on our map of the Hawaiian Islands here:

Download the ChallengeRunner App Here

Sponsor A Swimmer!!

Donate to encourage all our participants or pledge an amount by the number of channels completed by your favorite participant. Your pledges go to the Y’s Annual Support campaign to expand youth programs in our community. Support our swimmers – the more you pledge, the faster they swim!