Stay Maui Nui Program

A Collaborative Career Exploration Youth Program

Students will get behind the scenes tours and meet a variety of experts and leaders, exploring varying career paths and economic industries in Maui County. A free, one week program full of excursions and reflections.


Entering 9th Grade to 1 year out of High School

Program Sessions

Summer Session: July 10th – July 14th, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Fall Session: October 9th – 13th, 2023 (REGISTRATION OPENS 8/1/2023)

Registration for next session opens 8/1/2023


  • Encourage and inspire participants to find a career path enabling them to work and live in Maui County, by exposing and introducing participants to the varying sectors, elements, and networks in Maui County.

Phase 1 - Week Long Youth Program (pilot)

Phase 2 - Long Term Mentoring (future)

Foundational Elements

Phase 1 - Week Long Youth Program

  • Cohort of approximately 15
  • YMCA facility is the home base
  • Transport participants on excursions to varying locations that relate to career opportunities in Maui County or Hawaii.
  • The week ends with a group presentation to parents and supporters sharing participant experience and reflection.

Phase 2 - Long Term Mentoring

  • After completing the week long program, participants will have the opportunity to gain a mentor for further career development and/or enter in to available internships.
  • Partnerships with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows.

Quick Week Long Program Overview

Phase 1

Day 1 – Introductions, Team Building, Excursion
Day 2 – Excursions
Day 3 – Excursions
Day 4 – Excursions and Presentation Planning
Day 5 – Presentation Day

Sample Days

Day 1: Course Introduction / Local Farming and Water Rights Lesson Plan

9:00 AM:
Introduction and team building activities

10:30 AM: Discussion of what will be covered during the week, the sites to be visited, an overview of issues that may be involved, and discuss questions to ask

11:30 AM: Lunch, working on specific site preparation questions for the day

1:30 PM: Visit farms to learn about local farming initiatives, challenges with water rights, and 

opportunities to grow this fast moving sector

3:00 PM: Meet with professionals in water infrastructure and learn about job opportunities and career paths.
4:30 PM: Return to the Y to review the day’s activities and takeaways


Day 2: Lesson Plan: Healthcare and Mental Health Sector on Maui

9:00 AM:
Welcome and recap of Day 1 & Team building activities

9:45 AM: Discussion of what site will be visited this day, and question prep

10:45 AM: Visit Hale Makua to get a grasp of the work they do and the many possible career opportunities in the healthcare industry.

12:00 PM: Lunch

1:00 PM: Meet with varying healthcare workers such as physical therapists, mental health professionals, and doctors and learn the steps into finding a career in these areas of healthcare. 
4:00 PM: Return to the Y to review the day’s activities and takeaways

Sample Topics:

  • Governance
  • Hospitality
  • Health and Medicine
  • Social Services
  • STEM
  • Education
  • Small Business

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For more information about the Stay Maui Nui Program, please feel free to contact Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows at [email protected].