Personal Training - Waitlist

Personal Training - Waitlist


Need some one-on-one help trying to get in shape? Why not ask one of our wonderful Personal Trainers for help! They will create an entire workout regimen for you and show you the proper form for each move. Don’t be afraid to ask them any question that might come to mind, remember that these are experts!


12 years and up


1 one-hour Session
Fee: Member $40 • Potential Member $80
Package of 4 one-hour Sessions
Fee: Member $120 • Potential Member $240

Registration Process

All new registrations will be placed on a waitlist until they are paired with a trainer by the Fitness Coordinator. Once the Fitness Coordinator has reached out to you and confirmed that you have been paired with a trainer, they will collect payment over the phone or direct you to the Welcome Center to pay in-person.


If you are currently paired with a trainer and would like to purchase another package or session, please see our Welcome Center to make that purchase in-person.