Membership Freeze Request

More than ever, your membership means more

As we work to continue to serve you and the community of Maui, we have an urgent request for you: Please stay with us during this difficult time and keep your membership active.

By continuing your membership, you will allow us to maintain the financial resources needed to focus our time, people and energies to where our community needs it most.

We understand that there might be reasons where you will not use your membership for a certain length of time and wish to accommodate you as best as possible and avoid the possibility of cancelling outright. There are two ways to request a membership freeze:

  • Visit our Welcome Center and fill out a Membership Freeze Request Form
  • Complete the Online Freeze Request process below

*Absolutely NO membership freezes are accepted over the phone*

Please complete the process below to request to freeze your membership online. Our Membership Coordinator, Adam, will follow-up with you via email on the status of your freeze request after submission.

Maui Family YMCA Membership Freeze Policy

  1. A freeze request form can be filled out any time, however, it needs to be turned in 30 days prior to the next expected draft date to avoid that automatic payment. The minimum freeze length possible is 2 months from the Requested Start Date and the maximum freeze length possible is 1 year from the Requested Start Date.
    • Scholarship Memberships are not eligible for a freeze. Please complete a Membership Cancellation Request instead and reapply for a new scholarship upon your return.
  2. Understand that this is only a request, meaning the approval and enactment of this freeze is entirely based on the reason written below fully at the discretion of the Membership Coordinator. Approval or denial of freeze will be informed via email to the email address provided.
  3. Those who wish to take their membership off freeze before the Requested End Date, will be responsible for paying any associated membership fees for the month.
  4. A freeze will not go into effect if the member(s) owes any outstanding fees to the YMCA including but not limited to membership dues, locker fees, returned checks or program fees.
  5. If you are currently renting a locker and want to keep it active, payment for all months that freeze is in effect for must be paid before freeze can start. All fees will be charged to the payment method on file. If you are not planning to use your locker during the duration of the freeze, please vacate the locker and complete a locker cancellation form.
  6. FOR BANK DRAFT MEMBERS: the soonest a freeze can go into effect is the 20th of the current month. Once the 20th has passed, and the monthly payment has already been deducted, the next available start date will be the 20th of the upcoming month instead.

Need Assistance?

If you are running into any issues or have any questions, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Adam, at [email protected] or call our Welcome Center at 808-242-9007.