This challenge involves participants keeping track of how many laps they swim in the pool on blue slips available either at the Welcome Center or with the lifeguard. The laps are then translated into miles on a map which will be posted next to our community board to keep track of each participant as they “swim around” the island of Maui.

How to start:

  • Sign-up here or visit the Welcome Center!
    (Register by Dec.16th to be guaranteed a t-shirt)
  • Tally cards will be located at the Welcome Center and the lifeguard stand
  • After you complete every swim work out (laps in the pool), tally the amount of laps you completed for that day and have it initialed by the life guard on duty 
  • Turn the completed tally card into the swim challenge box located at the Welcome Center
    (all information on the card must be filled out to receive credit for your laps completed)

Have fun seeing how far you swim:

  • We will keep track of your miles throughout the challenge and record your progress on our map in the main hallway so, check it out!!
  • For every mile you swim you will be awarded miles that will be charted on the map
  • All laps must be completed by Jan. 6th, 2020 for credit towards the challenge
  • Once the last scorecards are collected by Jan.10th, 2020 we will be handing out challenge awards for all participants

Miles can be counted in 2 ways:

1. Beginning to Intermediate Swimmers

1 mile (35 laps down and back) = 10 miles charted on the map


2. Advanced Swimmers

1 mile (35 laps down and back) = 5 miles charted on the map

Swim Checkpoints:

Nahiku = 30 miles from the starting line
Kanaloa Pt. = 60 miles from starting line
Mopua = 90 miles from starting line
Waihee Pt. = 120 miles from starting line


*12 miles in pool needed to complete one round around Maui*