Racquetball Lessons

One-hour racquetball lessons for all ages at any level of play. Learn swing mechanics, shot-making, rules, safety, drills, court positioning and strategy. Times are flexible. For more information, call the Welcome Center at 808-242-9007.


Members Only – Free

Racquetball / Handball

Racquetball and handball are played in a four-wall court where each player is required to keep the ball in play by hitting the ball back to the front wall after one bounce. Matches are usually the best out of three games, with racquetball games played to 15 points and handball games played to 21 points.

Racquetball Reminders:

• Approved eye protection strongly recommended.
• Court or non-marking shoes only.

Reservation Guidelines:

• Racquetball/handball reservations can be made by YMCA Members ONLY!
• Reservations can be made seven days in advance.
• Reservations are for one hour and start on the hour.
• When courts are not reserved, they can be used on a first-come, first- served basis.


Members – Free
Potential Members – $10/day pass


Have a question about racquetball? Feel free to contact our President/CEO, Mike Morris, at or 808-242-9007 ext. 1622.