Volunteers – Why we need your help!

The Annual Support Campaign is the single most important funding source that will allow the Y to continue changing lives.

Volunteers are the heart of the Y. By volunteering for this campaign, you will help to:

  • Provide funding for programs that require a subsidy in order to cover the cost of operating. Many important Y programs cannot be sustained through fees alone. Examples include: Physical Education Programs, Learn to Swim, Day Camping, After School Care, and Membership programs.
  • Furnish financial assistance to those who cannot afford to pay program or membership fees. Your Y operates with the philosophy of charging fees to those with the ability to pay and helping those who can’t, an honorable arrangement. 22% of Y members are receiving some form of assistance.
  • Tell the Y story in the community. In meeting face to face with contributors, you provide important information about Y programs and our goals.
  • Gather feedback from the community as to how we’re doing and how we are perceived. This gives Y leaders helpful information on how to improve our programs and what new goals we might pursue.
  • Develop leadership for the Y and the community. Campaign volunteers have the opportunity to develop organizational and communication skills that help them succeed at work and in other civic activities. Many campaign volunteers have attributed their advancements to experiences in the Y Annual Support Campaign. In this respect, it is one of the most important, largest and most successful adult programs at the Maui Family YMCA.
  • Nurture an appreciation for the value of voluntary community service and charitable giving. To choose and give freely of our time, money and talent is a unique American privilege. Yet, many people have not learned the value of giving and the great satisfaction that goes with it. We want people to learn that when they help out others, they help themselves even more.

Volunteer Opportunities

The YMCA is volunteer led and volunteer founded. It is at the core of our work in the community. If you are interested in volunteering at the YMCA contact our Campaign and Volunteer Coordinator, Jean Sevilla at or 808-242-9007 ext. 5214.
You may also download a Volunteer Application and turn it in to the Welcome Center.

Maui Y Service Club

The Maui Y Service Club is a group of dedicated men and women who support our YMCA, other worthy organizations and our community through personal service and united effort— and have fun while doing so. Projects include fund-raising events, YMCA and Camp Keanae work days, Y Kids to Camp, and a multitude of community events put on by other Maui nonprofit agencies. Helping hands are often needed and always welcome.

Annual Support Campaign

At the Maui Family YMCA, one of our most important goals has always been to enrich the lives of children in our community. By introducing children to experiences that will help them grow into responsible, successful adults, we make the community we love a better place to live. One child at a time. One family at a time. Membership and program fees only support a portion of the Maui Family YMCA’s needs. We need your help to ensure that no one is denied the YMCA experience based on the inability to pay. Through the Annual Support Campaign, your contribution helps us provide program and financial assistance to families and individuals in need. By working together we give our community the opportunity to grow strong in spirit, mind and body. Scholarships/Financial Assistance The YMCA offers partial scholarships to those who are unable to afford the full cost of membership or programs. Feel free to download our Scholarship Application and turn it in to the Welcome Center to apply.

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Healthy Kids Day:

OPEN HOUSE, 5K, 1K FUN RUN, & Maui’s Junior Triathlon

An event for the whole family. Healthy Kids Day is a nationally celebrated YMCA event highlighting our delivery of mission-based programs that support the healthy growth and development of kids. Join us here for fitness and fun at the Maui YMCA annual open house! For dates and time of events please contact Jodi at 808-242-9007.  This year’s event will include a 5K run, a 1K Fun Run, and a Keiki Dash! Maui’s Premier Junior Triathlon is a separate event that we will be holding at a later date. Both events are a huge production where we are looking for big-hearted volunteers to help us pull these off. If you are interested, please contact our Campaign & Volunteer Coordinator, Jean Sevilla, at 808-242-9007 ext. 5214 or


For more information on volunteering, please contact our Campaign & Volunteer Coordinator, Jean Sevilla, at 808-242-9007 ext. 5214 or