Team Maui Family YMCA,

I’ve uploaded a list of online video tutorials that will teach you how to work this site and see how easy it is to add, edit, and delete content. And that includes photos, audio, and video. To start this process I would suggest you run through the first three video tutorials I’ve listed below. The first is very basic so just give it a quick skim. The other two teach you how to deal with text. It will take about 30 minutes to view the first three and perhaps another hour to practice the lessons they teach.

Your site currently does NOT have the comments section turned on. That eliminates the body part enlargement comment spam and the need to police the real human comments. Having done that in the past I can tell you it turns into a real full time job just deleting the bozos before they turn the whole conversation so poisonous its unreadable. Anonymity brings out the worst behavior in people.

Here are several more video tutorials for you to work through. These tutorials teach you how to handle more complex things like links, pictures, audio, and video clips.

There is a problem with posting “naked” e-mail addresses. Here’s a series of tutorials about that.

The problem – just skim these:

The solution: