Membership Freeze Policy

  1. A freeze request form can be filled out any time, however, it needs to be turned in 30 days prior to the next expected draft date (on the 20th of every month) in order to avoid that automatic payment. Minimum freeze is 2 months; maximum freeze is 1 year.
  2. Youth and Memberships on Scholarship are not eligible for freeze. Refer to the Membership Cancellation page to cancel this particular membership instead.
  3. Understand that this is only a request, meaning the approval and enactment of this freeze is entirely based on the reason written below fully at the discretion of the Membership Coordinator. Approval or denial of freeze will be informed via email to the address written below.
  4. Those who wish to take their membership off freeze before End Date stated below, will be responsible for paying for the month their freeze comes off; amount to be pro-rated and calculated by Welcome Center.
  5. A freeze will not go into effect if the member(s) owes any outstanding fees to the YMCA including but not limited to membership dues, locker fees, returned checks or bank drafts.
  6. If you are currently renting a locker and want to keep it active, payment for all months that freeze is in effect for must be paid before freeze can start. If you are not planning to use your locker during the duration of the freeze, please vacate the locker and complete a locker cancellation form.
  7. The requested Start and End Dates stated below are tentative and must be confirmed by the Membership Coordinator before they are finalized in accordance to the 30 day notice policy. These dates will be confirmed by the Membership Coordinator via email after this online request form is submitted.