As a member or user of the Maui Family YMCA, you are expected to abide by the following guidelines.  Inability to follow these guidelines or repeated violation of them may be grounds for suspension or termination of membership or usage privileges.  Listed below are examples of behavior which are representative of those which may justify disciplinary action.  They are not intended to cover every possible situation or to be in order of severity or seriousness.  Also additional rules may be added from time to time, at which time members/users will be expected to abide by new additions to this code of conduct.                                                    

  • One should conduct oneself in a manner that is cooperative, attentive, courteous, pleasant, respectful, and kind when dealing with other members, visitors, or YMCA staff.  Using harsh, violent, abusive , threatening, profane or insolent language, either written or verbal, is not acceptable. 
  • While at Maui Family YMCA members will not conduct themselves in a manner that could have a detrimental effect on the health, safety, or property of members, visitors, the public, employees, or the YMCA. 
  • A member will not behave in a manner in which pilferage of and or neglect, carelessness, or mischief results in loss, damage, waste, or destruction of the YMCA’s property or the property of members, staff or other. 
  • Cell phone usage is not permitted in the locker rooms, pool area, or any work out area.
  • The member will dress in a manner that is appropriate for the activity they are participating in at the time.
  • Members will report loss, damage, breakage, or destruction of the Y’s property or the property of members, staff or others.
  • A member will not falsify records or omit pertinent facts, give false testimony or statements.
  • Drinking of alcohol or Smoking is prohibited on YMCA premises. 
  • Gambling in any form at the YMCA is not allowed.
  • Soliciting or collecting contributions on YMCA property without the proper permission is not allowed.
  • Distributing literature, posting signs or  other material is not permitted without the proper permission from the CEO of the Maui Family YMCA.
  • Members are not allowed to hold or permit unauthorized meetings at the YMCA facilities.
  • Possession, carrying, or storing of concealed weapons in not allowed on YMCA property.

The Maui Family YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guest. If a sex offender match occurs, the Maui Family YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.



  • Be mindful of others when using machines in between sets
  • Refrain from horseplay, fighting, swearing, and verbal abuse (including grunting and loud noises).
  • Return all weights and accessories to their proper location after use.


  • The weight and cardio rooms are reserved only for those ages sixteen (16) and above.
  • Those that are ages 12 to 15 will need to complete a FIT Pass with the Health & Wellness Director.
  • Those that are ages 7 to 11 are allowed to use the racquetball court or the swimming pool ONLY.
  • Please follow all guidelines in all the respective areas.


  • Please wipe down exercise equipment after every use.
  • No food or beverages allowed in the weight and cardio rooms with the exception of beverages in sports bottles or covered tops.
  • Please respect maximum time limits on cardiovascular equipment when others are waiting.
  • Please use earphones or headsets in the weight and cardio room when working out.
  • No Bluetooth speakers or playing music out loud on cell phones.
  • Please take all phone calls outside of weight and cardio room in breezeway.


  • Wear fully covered athletic shoes and proper exercise attire (a shirt and athletic shorts/pants) when using the fitness facilities.
  • Please secure your gym bags in the appropriate designated areas.
  • Please use spotters when you are lifting heavy weights.
  • Please use weight collars at all times.

The YMCA is not responsible for any lost or damaged items left unsecured in the locker room.


I authorize the YMCA to begin a monthly charge/EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from my account with the financial institution named above for payment of my membership dues. I understand that the monthly charge/EFT will occur on the first available draft date (20th of each month). I agree to update my draft account information 30 days prior to my charge/EFT draft date. I understand that the YMCA will assess a $10 service charge for returned charges or EFTs. I understand that this charge/EFT agreement will be automatically cancelled if 2 or more consecutive payments are returned unpaid. I understand that if I make a payment through the mail or over-the-counter at the YMCA, that the scheduled payment may still be deducted. NOTICE: Youth and Teen Memberships will be automatically upgraded to the appropriate Membership Type (Teen or Adult) when member ages out of age range for their current Membership Type.


I agree to provide 30 days written notice prior to my last expected bank draft to cancel a monthly charge/EFT membership. I understand that any erroneous draft charges must be brought to the attention of the YMCA within 60 days of the draft in question or the YMCA will not be held responsible. I understand that if I have not completed my payment of the $100 joiner fee (i.e. I chose the Monthly Join Fee option of $10 per month over 10 months) I will be responsible in paying the remainder of the balance upon date of cancellation. I understand that I am responsible for all membership fees up to the time of written cancellation to our Welcome Center, including any balance dues.


I agree to pay the appropriate price of membership for my temporary or annual membership in full upon activation of my membership. I am aware that my membership will have an expiration date and will notify the Welcome Center or the Membership Coordinator my intention to renew it before said expiration date. I understand that I have 60 days after the expiration of my membership to renew it without having to pay the $100 joiner fee again. I understand that if I decide to cancel my membership before it’s expiration date for any reason whatsoever, I am fully responsible for submitting a cancellation request either with the Welcome Center or online through the Maui Family YMCA’s website. If I am requesting a refund for membership dues in any capacity, I am only eligible to receive funds after the date of submission for my cancellation request, regardless of facility usage prior to this date.