Support the Y – Strengthen our Community

Annual Support Campaign

At the Maui Family YMCA, one of our most important goals has always been to enrich the lives of children in our community. By introducing children to experiences that will help them grow into responsible, successful adults, we make the community we love a better place to live. One child at a time. One family at a time.

Membership and program fees only support a portion of the Maui Family YMCA’s needs. We need your help to ensure that no one is denied the YMCA experience based on the inability to pay. Through the Annual Support Campaign, your contribution helps us provide program and financial assistance to families and individuals in need. By working together we give our community the opportunity to grow strong in spirit, mind and body.

Scholarships/Financial Assistance

The YMCA offers partial scholarships to those who are unable to afford the full cost of membership or programs. Download our Scholarship Application and turn it in to the Welcome Center to apply.

The Y is a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of race, age, religion or financial standing. Through the Annual Support Campaign, the Y provides financial assistance that keeps programs available to children and families who need them most. The Annual Support Campaign was established to ensure no one would be turned away from YMCA programs and services due only to the inability to pay. The campaign gives members and friends of the Y an opportunity to help others and give back to the community through volunteerism and financial contribution.


Campaign funds are invested in people. The money raised goes directly to deliver programs and services for children, teens, adults and families. It does not pay YMCA overhead or campaign expenses.

The Annual Support Campaign funds help:

  • Provide lifelong experiences for children, adults and families through Y camping, aquatics, wellness and many other vital programs and services;
  • Develop and enhance nutrition programs throughout the community;
  • Support the Y’s financial assistance program, assuring that no one is turned away from Y programs and services due only to the inability to pay. 22% of Y members receive some form of financial assistance.

Benefits for the Whole Community

The Maui Family YMCA offers quality programs and services that influence the quality of life in our community well beyond those individuals and families who participate in them directly.

  • Y programs develop positive values and build self-esteem, helping to prevent social problems and issues faced later in life.
  • Health and physical education programs help reduce health care costs, improve the quality of life, combat stress, increase longevity, and improve employee productivity.
  • Y child care programs provide the employees of local companies with high quality, convenient and affordable supervision for their children.
  • Y programs strengthen families and help them cope with the pressures of modern living.
  • The Maui Family YMCA is a large employer of young adults, providing many with their first work experience. Their training and development helps promote work habits and skills that will be of future value to them and the businesses with which they will work.
  • Programs for seniors promote healthy living, provides social activities and meaningful volunteer service.
  • Group centered activities and opportunities for the community involvement cultivate leadership abilities, citizenship and an appreciation of community service.
  • The Y brings together those of different cultures, religions and ethnic origins in ways that encourage understanding between people.
  • The Y is a resource to the community for finding ways to solve problems, working together effectively and making our community a better place to live and work.

Volunteers – Why we need your help!

The Annual Support Campaign is the single most important funding source that will allow the Y to continue changing lives.

Volunteers are the heart of the Y. By volunteering for this campaign, you will help to:

  • Provide funding for programs that require a subsidy in order to cover the cost of operating. Many important Y programs cannot be sustained through fees alone. Examples include: Physical Education Programs, Learn to Swim, Day Camping, After School Care, and Membership programs.
  • Furnish financial assistance to those who cannot afford to pay program or membership fees. Your Y operates with the philosophy of charging fees to those with the ability to pay and helping those who can’t, an honorable arrangement. 22% of Y members are receiving some form of assistance.
  • Tell the Y story in the community. In meeting face to face with contributors, you provide important information about Y programs and our goals.
  • Gather feedback from the community as to how we’re doing and how we are perceived. This gives Y leaders helpful information on how to improve our programs and what new goals we might pursue.
  • Develop leadership for the Y and the community. Campaign volunteers have the opportunity to develop organizational and communication skills that help them succeed at work and in other civic activities. Many campaign volunteers have attributed their advancements to experiences in the Y Annual Support Campaign. In this respect, it is one of the most important, largest and most successful adult programs at the Maui Family YMCA.
  • Nurture an appreciation for the value of voluntary community service and charitable giving. To choose and give freely of our time, money and talent is a unique American privilege. Yet, many people have not learned the value of giving and the great satisfaction that goes with it. We want people to learn that when they help out others, they help themselves even more.

For more information on the Annual Support Campaign, please contact our Campaign & Volunteer Coordinator, Jean Sevilla, at 808-242-9007 ext. 5214 or