10 – Weeks to Functional Fitness


The Maui Y’s functional fitness program is geared toward older adults/seniors who have mobility issues, joint pains, and functional limitations creating barriers to their fitness goals.  We offer a 10-week program where you will work with a trainer to overcome mobility issues, rehab from surgeries, or learn how to properly use the weight/or cardio room.

Program Goals

  • Improve your mobility for activities of daily living (falls prevention, balance, reduce joint stiffness)
  • Maintain and improve strength
  • Increase your flexibility and range of motion
  • Balance and coordination
  • Disease Prevention and Disease Management
  • Reduce joint stiffness and improve posture/body alignment

How to enroll

The program costs $150 for 10 sessions ($15 per session).  We will be accepting 10 participants every 10 weeks and begin our first program in May.  Contact Seth Abdallah for to enroll or if you have further questions at seth.abdallah@mauiymca.org or call 808-242-9007.