Maui Family YMCA
Fitness Facility Guideline
In order to ensure a safe and friendly atmosphere, please practice the following:
Allow others to work in with you.
Refrain from horseplay, fighting, swearing, and verbal abuse (including grunting and loud noises).
Return all weights and accessories to their proper location after use.
The weight and cardio rooms are for adults and ages sixteen (16) and above.
Ages 13-15 will need permission from the fitness director.
Please follow all guidelines in all the respective areas.
Please wipe down exercise equipment after use.
No food or beverages allowed in the weight and cardio rooms with the exception of beverages in sport bottles with covered tops.
Please respect maximum time limits on cardiovascular equipment when others are waiting.
For safety and courtesy reasons, no cell phone use in the weight and  cardio rooms.
Wear fully covered athletic shoes and proper exercise attire (a shirt and athletic shorts/pants) when using the fitness facilities.
Please do not allow weights to “slam” together or drop on the floor.
Please secure your gym bags in the appropriate designated areas.