Group Fitness

The YMCA Group Fitness program is dedicated to providing you with safe, exciting and effective fitness classes. All instructors are highly qualified in the aerobic industry and follow the leading organizations’ standard safety guidelines. Please consult your doctor before starting any fitness program. Schedules are subject to change. See the front desk for a complete class schedule.

Billy Blanks Jr. Dance with Me
A total body high energy cardio dance workout combining all styles of dance.

Body Sculpting
This class focuses on muscular endurance and toning utilizing dumbbells, dyna bands, tubing and the step. Includes 15 minutes of abdominal workout. All fitness levels welcome.

Boot Camp Interval
Focus is on muscular endurance and toning utilizing dumbells, dyna bands, tubing and step.  Includes 15 minutes of abdominal workout.  All fitness levels welcome.

Cardio/Sculpt Intervals
Combination of cardio and sculpt intervals using the step, Hi-Lo movements, weights and other forms of resistance.

Forever Fit
This program is designed for active older adults to effectively learn how to use a variety of fitness  equipment that would help build strength, decrease body fat, balance, and flexibility, but most of all have fun. You don’t have to be an active older adult to take this class.

Hatha Yoga
An ancient Indian practice of postures that builds strength, flexibility and balance. Yoga encourages mental health, cardiovascular capacity and spiritual well-being.

Hot Hula
A fun fitness workout which isolates all the major muscle groups.  It incorporates the traditional sounds of the Polynesian drums, reggae, hip hop and modern songs.

Integral Yoga
Integral yoga is an individual transformation. You will work your inner awareness and the breath. Core poses strengthen and tones the body. You will move through unique poses followed by deep relaxation.

Low Impact & Step
The best of both worlds! A combination of traditional low-impact and step aerobics make this class exciting and challenging for all fitness levels.

This challenging class differs from traditional step in that each student utilizes four steps, shared by participants. Add variety and creativity to your workout.

A cardio workout that combines martial arts, dance and healing arts.  No shoes required for this class.

Pau Hana Yoga
An Aloha Friday approach to yoga, incorporating the student’s wants and needs for that day. Whether restorative or power, it is a Hatha yoga-based format that can adapt to the day, focusing on breath, alignment of asanas, deep relaxation and meditation.

A series of floor exercises to increase core muscle strength, flexibility, and balance.

Power Step
Designed for the seasoned stepper, this powerful, fun workout offers complex combinations, mixed with dynamic and challenging moves.

Pre-choreographed workout that incorporates cardio, weights, kickboxing and the bonus which is core.  This class is for all fitness levels.  Instructors will show participants different levels of modifications.  Music will get you motivated and moving!

Step & Sculpt
A complete workout combining aerobic conditioning on the step with muscle-strengthening exercises to tone and define your body.

Strength & Tone
Designed for participants of all levels, this class focuses on some cardiovascular endurance, but mainly on muscular endurance utilizing dumbbells, tubing and dyna bands.

Tai Chi
Tai chi focuses on the health, healing, and consciousness derived from the “internal” practices. It is considered one of the martial arts practices.

Taiji Quan
Taiji Quan is practiced by mainly for its health benefits, and as a kind of moving meditation. It helps develop balance and rooting, increase your vitality and longevity and help you to prevent and heal injuries.

ViniyogaStretch, Strengthen & Breathe
This class focuses on slow-motion Viniyoga routines that build strength, stamina and flexibility while cultivating a sense of peace and healing for the body, mind and heart.

Yoga Beginning and Gentle Yoga
Both classes are designed for those who are new to the practice of yoga or have injuries.  These classes increase flexibility.

Halloween Zumbathon

Zumba is a dance based fitness class. You will work out to a blend of Latin music which is combined with the traditional cumbia, salsa, samba & meringue. Zumba is totally different from your traditional aerobic classes.

Zumba Gold
A low impact work out to a blend of Latin music which is combined with the traditional cumbia, salsa, samba & meringue.

Zumba Sentao
The Zumba Sentao program combines strength and resistance with Latin dance-inspired dance fitness moves, all centered around a chair.  This workout tones muscle, strengthens the core and torches calories in a unique and consistently thrilling way.