Need that little push to get you to start a workout routine or do you want an activity that you and your friends can participate in together? Why not participate in our many Fitness Challenges throughout the year! We offer a variety of challenges to cater to anybody’s preferences. Whether it be from a simple steps challenge, to swimming in the pool, to even maintaining or losing weight during the Holidays, the Y has got it for you!

Hold it for the Holidays


Held every year before the holiday season, this challenges participants to either hold their weight at the same amount or even shed the pounds through out Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Participants can either join in teams of 2 or 3 or they can sign up as an individual.

Swim Around Maui


This challenge involves participants keeping track of how many laps they swim in the pool on blue slips available either at the Welcome Center or with the lifeguard. The laps are then translated into miles on a map which will be posted next to our community board to keep track of each participant as they “swim around” the island of Maui.

Step Into Summer


Start off the summer right with this step challenge! Keep track of your daily step count either with your smart watch or through one of our pedometers and see how you compare with your friends, family, and Y family. Check in as we get closer to the challenge to see how your steps will be tracked!

Hot 100 Challenge


Keep the summer motivation going with our Hot 100 Challenge! Every workout you do, whether at the Y, at home, or even out in the community, gets translated into points. The points are then posted every week on our “Burnin’ Up” tracking board. See how you are competing with your Y family members!


Have any questions about any of our Fitness Challenges? Feel free to contact our Fitness Coordinator, Jodi Birdsong-Ottman, at or 808-242-9007 ext. 5019.