Due to the limited number of people allowed in our facility at one time, we will be only allowing our currently active members access during Phase 1 of our reopening. Members are also only allowed access during their specific reservation in order to limit the amount of people coming in to our facility at one time.

Reservations can be made by calling our Welcome Center at 808-242-9007 during our modified hours of operation of Mondays through Fridays at 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You are also allowed to make a reservation on your own at any time of the day via our Online Reservation System located below.

Want to see what the facility looks like now?

Reservation Guidelines

  • The facility has been broken down into 5 specific areas for reservation: Weight Room, Racquetball Court, Multi-Use Court, Pool Lap Lane, & Family Pool Zone.
    • Reservations are no longer needed for the Cardio Room! They are now offered on a first come, first serve basis. Let the Welcome Center know that you are heading up and they will check on availability for you. Please restrict your time in there to no longer than one hour.
  • The Weight Room can afford 10 reservations per hour (Multi-Use Court access now included), the Racquetball Court 1 per hour (1 partner may join you), the Pool 5 per hour (capacity might be reduced depending on classes in pool), and the Family Pool Zone 1 reservation for a single person or an entire household family.
    • The Pool Lap Lanes and Family Fun Zone may be shared between members of the same household, meaning only one reservation needs to be made.
    • Separate reservations per family member must be made for other areas of the facility in order to comply with CDC guidelines for the number of people in a single area.
  • Reservations are 55 minutes total in length
  • Reservations can only be made up to 5 days in advance from the current date with the entire day available for reservations beginning at 6 AM on that 5th day. (Even though we are closed, our system still counts Sundays)
  • Members can reserve any number of times within the same day in the facility, but only once per day for the pool and as many times within the week up until 5 days into the future.
  • EFFECTIVE 01/19/2021: Face masks must be worn at ALL times in ALL areas of the facility
  • You can change or cancel your reservation at any time as long as it is at least an hour before your scheduled appointment. Once it is within the hour before your appointment is scheduled, it is too late to make any changes online and you must call our Welcome Center at 808-242-9007 to cancel.
    • Too many “no show” reservations will result in online access being revoked and you must then call in all future reservations for up to a week.

Online Reservation System

Online Reservation Instructions

  • In order to see and make a reservation on the online schedule, you must login to your account first. An email should have been sent directly to your email letting you know what your login information is.
  • If we don’t have your current email address in our system, then you need to email our Membership Coordinator, Adam, at for him to create an account for you.
  • Each area has been given a specific color: Weight Room (Multi-Use Court access now included), Racquetball Court, Pool Lap Lane, & Family Pool Zone.
  • SPIN Classes and Group Fitness Classes are now available at a reduced capacity! Make a reservation now before we run out of spots!
  • The Facility and the Pool have been separated onto two different calendars but can easily be found by clicking on the link on the top of the reservation page.
  • To make a reservation, you just need to click on the appropriate hour for the area of the facility you wish to reserve. Then click the (Create) New Reservation button, followed by Create Reservation. A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your reserved time.
  • You can edit or delete a reservation under the “Agenda” tab or the “Your reservations” if you are using the system on a mobile device by clicking on the pen and notepad icon.


If you have any difficulties in trying to make a reservation, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Adam Alirez, at