Youth Development

I just wanted to let you know how great your A+ staff is.  I had a function at school and was there from 4pm.  A+ had moved from the cafeteria to the staff lunch room.  It was poring cats and dogs.  I watched as each parent pulled up into the parking lot, the staff motioned to the parent, still in their vehicle, that they will sign out the child and bring them to the cars with umbrellas.  The parents didn’t even have to get out of their cars.  The children never got wet.  It is great how they took it upon themselves to escort the children to the cars….most other programs would not have done that.  It’s also amazing how the staff remembers all of the parents and children by name….they even recognize the cars.

Healthy Living

I want to thank you so very much for helping to make me a healthier person.  Last month was my annual physical.  After reviewing the results of my blood tests, my doctor said, “wow!  What have you been doing?”  I, too, was very surprised by her reaction until she explained that: 
     1. My good cholesterol count was so good that it superseded the bad cholesterol. 
     2. I was no longer considered a borderline diabetic.  I was free and clear,
     3. My blood pressure was normal and not elevated, like how it normally is.
In answer to her question I replied, “I go to the Maui Family YMCA and I participate in the Zumba classes as well as the strength and tone classes.”  Your mission statement has come true to life for me.  Your programs have helped me to build a healthy spirit, mind and body.  And, thanks to you, I look forward to my next physical.  Bring it on. 

Social Responsibility

I started at the YWCA on Richards Street in Honolulu around 1960.  I learned to swim there.  Took cooking lessons and a little bit of hula at the Y.  I guess you could say it is in my blood.  Several years’ back another Y member asked me to donate $5.00 to the YMCA which was going to be built (in Maui).  Having a bit of nostalgia, I generously gave him my $5.00.  I joined the Y last year when the gym I was going to closed.  It feels really good to see that my $5.00 was put to good use and what was a dream is now a reality.  I’m sure my parents are proud of the fact that I still go to the Y.  I will be turning sixty (60) next month and thanks to the Y, I consider myself healthy.


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