Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program helps overweight adults at risk for type 2 diabetes reduce their risk for developing the disease by taking steps that will improve their overall health and well-being. The program provides a supportive environment where participants work together to achieve the program goals of reducing individual weight by 7% and building up to 150 minutes of moderate (the equivalent of brisk walking) physical activity per week for the purpose of reducing their risk for developing diabetes. The program is delivered over a 12-month period in a classroom setting and can be offered in any community location to participants who meet qualification criteria putting them at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

For more information or to register please contact our Health & Wellness Director, Seth Abdallah, at or 808-419-5996.

10 Weeks to Functional Fitness

The Maui Y’s functional fitness program is geared toward older adults/seniors who have mobility issues, joint pains, and functional limitations creating barriers to their fitness goals.  We offer a 10-week program where you will work with a trainer to overcome mobility issues, rehab from surgeries, or learn how to properly use the weight/or cardio room.

Program Goals

  • Improve your mobility for activities of daily living (falls prevention, balance, reduce joint stiffness)
  • Maintain and improve strength
  • Increase your flexibility and range of motion
  • Balance and coordination
  • Disease Prevention and Disease Management
  • Reduce joint stiffness and improve posture/body alignment

$150 for full 10-week session (Y Membership Required)

12 Weeks of Wellness

This 90-day health and wellness program is designed to help you reach your fitness goals by providing you with a customized fitness program designed by one of our personal trainers to help keep you on track. Your trainer will be your coach for 90-days and will motivate you to transform your health. The program begins with a consultation where you’ll take weight, BMI, body-fat percentage, and you’ll get your first 30-minute personal training session.

Program Phases

  • Getting Started – Consultation with your Coach, biometric measurements (weight, BMI), 30-minute personal training session, and a customized workout routine for your specific goals.
  • Make a Change – At the 30-day mark, check in with your coach for program adjustments, receive your second 30-minute personal training session.
  • Stay Committed – At the 60-day mark, check in with your coach to discuss strategies to stay motivated, adjust program, and receive third 30-minute personal training session.
  • Reach the Goal – You completed the program, take Biometric Measurements to evaluate change, and have a discussion with your coach about how you can maintain your progress.

$50 for whole 90-day session (Y Membership Required)

Parkinson’s Fitness

The Maui family YMCA is offering a boxing class to give people with Parkinson’s disease an outlet to manage their symptoms. This program offers a non-contact boxing fitness class which also incorporate balance, coordination, and functional movement patterns geared toward fighting back Parkinson’s disease. An All Levels version is also offered for those with lower autonomy with various chair exercises.

$15/month for YMCA Members
$30/month for Potential Members

Boxing Class
Mondays 11:30am – 12:30pm

All Levels Class
Thursdays 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Personal Training

Need some one-on-one help trying to get in shape? Why not ask one of our wonderful Personal Trainers for help! They will create an entire workout regimen for you and show you the proper form for each move. Don’t be afraid to ask them any question that might come to mind, remember that these are experts!

Fitness Assessment

Every member is given the opportunity to go through a free, one-time fitness assessment to go over how to operate all our machines and to conduct a health assessment. Appointments last approximately 30 minutes and are completely free to members. Request an appointment online now below! Once the request has been received, our Fitness Coach will reach out to you to schedule the best day and time that fits your schedule.

FREE with YMCA Membership*

*Must be 16 years of age or older


For more information about any program, please contact our Fitness Director, Seth Abdallah, at or by phone at 808-419-5996.