Member Code of Conduct

As a member or user of the Maui Family YMCA, you are expected to abide by the following guidelines.  Inability to follow these guidelines or repeated violation of them may be grounds for suspension or termination of membership or usage privileges.  Listed below are examples of behavior which are representative of those which may justify disciplinary action.  They are not intended to cover every possible situation or to be in order of severity or seriousness.  Also additional rules may be added from time to time, at which time members/users will be expected to abide by new additions to this code of conduct.    
 -One should conduct oneself in a manner that is cooperative, attentive, courteous, pleasant, respectful, and kind when dealing with other members, visitors, or YMCA staff.  Using harsh, violent, abusive , threatening, profane or insolent language, either written or verbal, is not acceptable. 
-While at Maui Family YMCA members will not conduct themselves in a manner that could have a detrimental effect on the health, safety, or property of members, visitors, the public, employees, or the YMCA.   
-A member will not behave in a manner in which pilferage of and or neglect, carelessness, or mischief results in loss, damage, waste, or destruction of the YMCA’s property or the property of members, staff or other. 
-Cell phone usage is not permitted in the locker rooms, pool area, or any work out area.
-The member will dress in a manner that is appropriate for the activity they are participating in at the time. 
-Members will report loss, damage, breakage, or destruction of the Y’s property or the property of members, staff or others.
-A member will not falsify records or omit pertinent facts, give false testimony or statements.
-Drinking of alcohol or Smoking is prohibited on YMCA premises.   
-Gambling in any form at the YMCA is not allowed.
-Soliciting or collecting contributions on YMCA property without the proper permission is not allowed.
-Distributing literature, posting signs or  other material is not permitted without the proper permission from the CEO of the Maui Family YMCA.
-Members are not allowed to hold or permit unauthorized meetings at the YMCA facilities.
-Possession, carrying, or storing of concealed weapons in not allowed on YMCA property.

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